Portraits of people in the form of cats


Hello dear friends.

Here you can order a portrait of yourself or your loved ones in the form of funny cats. It will be a unique gift for a wedding or anniversary, birthday or any other occasion.

The price is for the image of one character.

To create a portrait, I need good photos and a description of the characters. It will be a joint exciting work and the result will please and give positive emotions. I will take into account all your wishes and ideas.

The term for the execution of such a portrait is about 2 weeks, I always correct the shortcomings and bring the picture to the ideal so that you really like it.

All photos and descriptions should be sent to me by mail moozoriki@gmail.com, you can also always write to me in any messenger.

This is a digital portrait, that is, I draw on a Wacom graphics tablet, so the finished work is a high-resolution file for printing on canvas or paper … but in general, you can print a picture on any other objects, like mugs, plates or bags.



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